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See below for a list of answers to a number of frequently asked questions. We do hope you find your answers below but if you cannot, please get in contact with us so that we can better help you and also update this page to help others too.


The average jobs are completed within the hour although some serous blockages can take longer.

If the blockage or damage has occurred within the property grounds and boundaries then usually you as the tenant or owner would be responsible for repairing drainage problems.

We have an always updated rates page which displays the pricing for hourly rates if you require an estimate please contact us for more details.

There are usually signs that blockages have occurred. If you have any of the following symptoms then you should contact us, Slow draining of sinks, Toilets which are overflowing or have water rising, Manhole explosions, this is where gunk rises to lift the manhole cover off, Sulphurous smells which indicate trapped rotting elements.

Yes we have public liability insurance in place and can be presented if requested.

AN Drainage Services Ltd accepts cash, bank transfer, and all major cards.

Some household insurance policies do cover drains. However, if the damage has been caused by subsidence or root intrusion then insurance companies may not cover the damage that occurred. We recommend checking to see what the exclusions are if you do have a policy in place.

We currently operate in central London, North West of London and South East of England around Dorset & Poole area.


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