Drain Jetting

High-pressure drain jetting company


Drainpipe jetting

Having your drain jetting done by one of our professional engineers is the most effective way to clear any type of blockage. No matter how big the blockage, our high-pressure drain jetting equipment can handle well over the recommended jetting pressure of 130 bar (1900 psi) for cases where structural conditions or material cannot be verified. If we can verify the condition then we can apply more force, for instance, maximum jetting pressure of 180 bar (2600 psi) for PVCu pipes could be applied.

Drainpipe jetting is a great way to clean debris and years of build-up so the natural flow of drainage can be restored.


Drain jetting services we provide

  • Blockage Removal
  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Gullies
  • Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Part of Regular Maintenance
  • Cleaning and Surface Preparation


Drain jetting equipment we use

  • Flowplant industry-wide machines
  • Various size nozzles to fit pipe diameters
  • Different shape nozzles for spraying
  • Specialist attachment tools for example cutting

Is drain jetting effective

With the right water supply and delivery features for the job such as nozzle and pressure ratings, all drain lines can be free of blockages. We use different size nozzles for each diameter of pipes ensuring the inner surfaces of all pipes are cleaned and restored. Not only is drain jetting environmentally friendly but a highly effective way to clear any blockage.


How does drain jetting work

A hydraulic reel will feed the hose and extend into hard to reach places and around bends. These hoses are attached to our Flowplant industry-wide machines, which are capable of providing over 3000psi of pressure effectively removing any blockage. Specialist equipment can be attached such as root cutter blades that come in various sizes fitting the specified diameter of the pipe.

All our engineers are fully trained and adhere to the High-Pressure Water Jetting Association’s (HPWJA) Code of Practice.

How much does drain jetting cost

The average cost for drain jetting is £120 if you would like to know more regarding pricing then please check our rates for more details.