Tree Root Removal

Need tree roots removed from drain pipes


Tree roots in drains

It is not uncommon to have tree roots find its way into drainpipes or cause a collapsed pipe effectively blocking water drainage from flowing out from your premises. Birch Trees, Willows, Sycamore, and Maple trees are some of the top trees that are most problematic and cause the most damage to the underground drainage systems.

Why do tree roots enter drain pipes?

Tree roots are continually growing to source out nutrition and water. When pipes have cracks and leaks that will provide all the nutrition for the growth of a tree and are the main reason for root intrusion.


How will I know if I have a tree root problem?

Generally, a problem will present itself when drainage problems occur and your drainage system is not as effective or completely blocked up.

We can determine where blockages are by the use of our CCTV equipment and provide proof along with the estimated location for excavation work so that the repair can be carried out if the pipe is extremely damaged.

Otherwise relining can be used which will require an inflatable bladder along with resin that will cure in place restoring the pipe to its original shape.


Removing tree roots from drain pipes

When it comes to the removal of tree roots that have decided to intrude on your drainage system there are a few ways removal can be accomplished.

Depending on the root types and extent of the damage caused after an assessment we will provide the best action to take for instance, if the pipe can be restored after cutting away the roots with our specialist saw attachment that fits onto our high-pressure hose. Then we may be able to simply cut and blast out the roots. If that is not possible then an excavation may have to take place to repair the damaged pipe.