Drain Excavation

Professional drain excavation services


What is drain excavation

Drain excavation is a result of digging a hole or trench where required to fix severely damaged pipes, or replace the drainage pipework that is beyond repair by our no-dig technologies.

AN Drainage Services have years of experience and have completed many site operations where deep excavation was required.

Our team is fully trained and capable of using machine diggers and has handled large projects where site assessments and health and safety are paramount.


Why is drain excavation required?

Having exhausted all options that would provide repair without the need to dig such as slip lining and after findings from a CCTV inspection, the damage could be beyond repair by traditional non-digging methods. This is where a need for drain excavation would be the only option, to replace and repair the damaged pipework.


Drain repair without excavation

Most jobs are completed without the need for excavation work to be carried out. These can include no-dig technologies such as Slip lining and Relining. However, when these options are not going to be effective or work as intended there may be no other choice than to excavate and replace the damaged pipe.


Drain excavation cost

The cost to excavate can vary depending on how much volume is required to be moved and how deep the pipes are underground. If no machine digger is required then this would keep costs down, for this reason, it is not great to assume any cost on such work.
If we are onsite then we can usually provide a quote for the work the same day, otherwise, we would have to visit the grounds before we can provide an estimate.