Drain & Pipework Repair

We can take care of all drain and pipework repairs


Drain and pipework repair

Have your drain and pipework repaired through AN Drainage we offer complete solutions to remedy the problem from relining to full excavation along with CCTV Inspections for examining severity and the best course of action to take.


Collapsed drain pipe repair?

Having to repair a collapsed drain pipe is not uncommon clay pipes have been in service for over 100 years. Along with ground movement or intrusions by tree roots, the life span can be shortened. In the 1980s PVC pipes were introduced to replace the old clay pipes but till today many drain pipes are still made from clay.
AN Drainage Services can find the root cause of a collapsed pipe and introduce a solution based on the extent of damage that has occurred. A solution known as slip lining can be used or another method such as cured-in-place. These methods rely on the structure of the pipe being deemed repairable. In extreme cases, full excavation will be required to repair the pipework.


What is drain pipe relining?

Drainpipe relining consists of placing a new pipe into the cracked or leaking pipe and feeding pressured air or water into the pipe to have the newly fitted lining mold into shape and repair the fault this is known as “inversion”.
Another method is known as CIPP “Cured in place pipe” this uses a resin which cures in place after having tube-shaped inflatable bladder also called lining inserted. The inflatable bladders come in a variety of sizes specific to each job.


What is drain patch repair?

Drain patch repair uses the CIPP “Cured in place pipe” method but instead of tube-shaped lining the lining is a square patch shape and also comes in different sizes. This method is also used for manhole repairs.


Excavation for drain pipe replacement

In extreme cases where damage to drain pipes cannot be repaired by some of the techniques described above, there is no alternative but to have excavation work carried out and have new pipework installed. AN Drainage Services provide deep excavation and can supply and fit a completely new pipework system.


How do you know a drain is collapsed?

We use the latest CCTV equipment specifically designed for the drainage industry with a camera attached to a rod that extends for up to 100 meters. This is also known as a CCTV survey. Having the ability to reach and see the damage that has occurred and of course seeing is believing, our equipment records so we can provide you with evidence of the damage that has taken place.