Drain Relining

Our engineers are fully trained in the latest drain relining techniques


What is drain relining?

Drain relining is a process that repairs the structure of pipes using two main methods slip lining and cured in place pipe. Both of these methods are widely used and improve the life expectancy of your drainage system. There is no need to excavate any pipes as the work can be carried out within the drainage system, so no digging required to repair the damaged pipe.


How does drain relining work?

There are two main methods we use and are also known as trenchless technologies.
The first method of drain relining known as sliplining which consists of inserting a pre-cut smaller sized diameter carrier pipe into the host pipe that will be moulded in place when air or water pressure is applied to fill the pipeline forcing the newly inserted pipe to mould in place, providing a lasting solution to correct any leaks within the drain line and restoring its structure.
A second method is called CIPP “Cured-in-place pipe” and requires a felt lining to be placed within the pipe along with a resin that will fill out any cracks. A tube-shaped bladder is also inserted which will be inflated to apply pressure into the pipe and ensure the resin fills out any cracks. Next, a heating process will begin which will ensure the resin sets and become hardened fully restoring the pipeline for many more years.


How long does drain relining last ?

Drain relining should last around 50 years providing peace of mind that the pipe will carry out its service for a very long time. We only use the very best materials available to ensure a long-life solution.


Benefits of drain relining

Having drain relining carried out will not only ensure an immediate fix but also provide a life long solution. It is also much cheaper than having to excavate and reinstall a new drainage system.