Pipe Descaling

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Pipe Descaling Before and After


What is Pipe Descaling?

Pipe descaling is a method used to reverse the accumulation and build-up caused by calcium carbonite that has hardened within the inner lining of pipework. Various tools or chemicals can be used depending on the type of pipe in use, we often service stack pipes, urinals, and commercial factory pipes.

Descaling cast iron pipes

When it comes to cast-iron corrosion and limescale build-up high pressure jetting may not be effective enough, and this is where industry tools come into play. We have specialised attachments fitted to a rotating cable that will fit directly onto our hoses, allowing high pressure to power the tool and is specifically designed for the task. This can be more expensive as we have to account for wear and tear of our attachments which are not cheap.


Descaling with high pressure jetting

With the use of high pressure jetting we can remove some of the toughest build-ups in limescale although not as effective as utilising the attachments available we do have enough pressure to revive the inner lining of pipes although this method does take more time.

Preventive tips to stop limescale build-up

Our top tip for taking a preventative measure would be to install a water softener system with adequate filtration, this will prevent future build-up.
Another great way is to book pre-planned maintenance with AN Drainage Services so that we can ensure you never have to worry about any returning limescale build-ups.