Pre-Planned Maintenance

Take precautions with our pre-planned maintenance program


What does pre-planned maintenance include?

Our pre-planned maintenance includes an initial visit by one of our engineers that will inspect the current working condition of your drainage system and waste pipes that leave the premises.

After an on-site inspection, our engineers will carry out high pressure jetting to flush out pipework and descaling pipes that require attention. All water drainage systems are performance tested to ensure the operation is correct and drainage flow has been restored.

Our engineer will finally report to you with a solution that is tailored to your premises and create a tailored schedule for visits as agreed so that maintenance can be carried out at a convenient time that suits your household or business.


Why you need pre-planned maintenance?

Having a planned maintenance program in place will ensure the health of your drainage systems and avoid any high costs that can emerge from an emergency call out. It will help to stop any loss of business due to overflowing drains or blockages that can occur in the kitchen or toilets within your premises.