Blocked Toilets

When a plunger simply does not work, call us to fix your blocked toilet


Is your toilet blocked, or does your toilet keep blocking?

Some traditional methods just simply will not unclog a stubborn blocked toilet. Whether you have tried all traditional methods or not we can help with getting your blocked toilet back in working order once again.

Sometimes simple methods work until they don’t. If the blockage keeps returning then there could be evidence that pipe descaling or drain jetting may be required. When the toilet is taking longer to flush and becoming a nuisance our engineers can resolve the problem once and for all, restoring the toilets flushing process.

Have you clogged your toilet with paper or wipes?

The most common toilet blockages are caused by too much toilet paper being flushed down in one flush. Another common cause is non-dissolvable wet wipes being thrown down the toilet and after time causing a blocked toilet to not flush in a timely manner, in some cases even water can be overflowing the toilet pan.


Fix your slow draining toilet?

Typically slow draining toilets are resolved with chemical solutions or household products unless the blockage is not becoming dissolvable by traditional means. If this is the case you should call AN Drainage Services, our engineers carry the correct tools for the job and will have your toilet unblocked and functioning properly in no time.


What causes a blocked toilet?

There are a few reasons a blocked toilet can occur one of them could be the soil pipe being backed up with non-flushable items and another being the sewer drainage. If you are having more than one toilet not flushing correctly then this would likely be caused by a sewer pipe, in which case you would need the drain blockage cleared by means of rodding or drain jetting and should call us to have the blockage removed before the problem escalates.