When drainage repair work is required AN Drainage Services has your solution.

Deep drain and pipe excavation

Drain Excavation

Drain excavation is necessary when drain pipes have been rendered non repairable by Slip lining or Relining technologies which does not require digging to fix the damaged pipe. Our engineers will be able to determine if excavation work is necessary through CCTV investigation of the drainage system.

When it comes to excavation work where health and safety are of the up most importance AN Drainage Services is proficient and has a complete understanding of requirements for site safety.



Pipe descaling

Pipe Descaling

When pipes have been in use for many years and are not as effective as they once were, it is more than likely due to the accumulation of debris and will require descaling. AN Drainage Services can rejuvenate old pipes by various descaling methods from chemical to water jetting and have the flow restored once again.

Having problems that slow down or even stop the daily operation of pipework can cause burst pipes or flooding and should not be left unseen to.